The online video platform, which announced its line-up at the South By Southwest Festival, was once primarily known as the go-to spot for independent creators looking to sell content directly to consumers. But after the success of the hit High Maintenance , which eventually got picked up by HBO, the New York-based company has been building up its original content library and investing heavily in its creators. The company’s first slate included the latest season of online hit gay comedy The Outs see trailer below ; a short film from Saturday Night Live cast member Aidy Bryant called Darby Forever ; and a standup special from comedian and drag queen Bianca Del Rio called Rolodex of Hate. Lonely and Horny from Jake and Amir on Vimeo. It debuts on Vimeo in May Vimeo’s first documentary, directed by ten-time Vimeo staff-picked creators Nathan Drillot and Jeff Lee, follows Robert Emilio Gagno, who has dedicated most of his life to mastering the pinball game Wizard Mode. It’s coming to Vimeo sometime in spring

Jake and Amir and Calgary, oh my!

Jake and Amir is a web series set in CollegeHumor ‘s office in New York City and later Los Angeles where Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld played humorous versions of themselves: Jake is usually depicted as a sensible ” straight man ” and Amir as his annoying, obsessive, and odd co-worker. Some episodes have a common theme or MacGuffin that the episode revolves around, for instance buying a guitar or discussing the financial crisis.

The series generally takes place at Jake and Amir’s desks, but some episodes are filmed in other parts of the office or different locations entirely. Dan Frommer of Business Insider explains how “a trip to Florida became a four-part miniseries Amir is obsessed with Jake, and often says or does annoying things to try to spend time with him. He is unhealthy, doesn’t do any work, and lacks common sense and basic knowledge about the world.

Jake and Amir is a web series set in CollegeHumor’s office in New York City and later Los as its style and viewership has evolved and expanded, particularly within the field of free online content. Title, Original air date, Length (mins).

It portrays humorous versions of Jake and Amir, where Jake is usually depicted as a sensible “regular guy” and Amir as his annoying co-worker. JAKE: Then why did you call me? Jake and Amir is a show that will keep you laughing for days. This is the story of the office dumby and his comedic mishaps throughout his work, taking his co-workers for a real ride. This article is about a comedy duo. They’ve been to every party they can’t get into. AMIR: [laughing] We’re playing phone tag!

Please help expand these articles in any way possible. When a new CEO arrives at CollegeHumour, he offers Jake an offer he can’t refuse: fire Amir and get a promotion, but Jake soon realizes life without Amir isn’t as he’d hoped Read more of this article More featured articles Vote for a featured article. The program would later be picked up and produced by CollegeHumor. Comedian Mike Birbiglia hits Broadway with a hilarious yet profound one-man show that recounts his emotional and physical journey to parenthood.

Certificate: M18 The article this month is:These are characters that are in need of attention in their appearances and biography sections. In conclusion, check out the show Jake and Amir, you wont regret it.

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Thursday 16th March — The Athenaeum, Melbourne. Saturday 18th March — The Metro, Sydney. Tickets on-sale NOW from www. They have released two videos a week for over four years, with each episode now averaging more than , views. The show has appeared on the iTunes podcasts charts in multiple countries, reaching No.

Jake and Amir is an American comedy duo made up of podcasters and former CollegeHumor His dating-coach, Josh Rice, played by Jake, sets out to help Ruby find love. While Lonely and Horny is intended “TBS To Adapt Hit Online Series ‘Jake & Amir’ As TV Comedy With Ed Helms Producing”. Deadline Hollywood.

More than people had lost their jobs. Kate Knibbs. Brian Raftery. Jason Parham. CollegeHumor shape-shifted frequently during its year run, but the evolutions were expansions: bicoastal offices, more staffers, higher production values. In it launched its own streaming service , Dropout. Now the company has abruptly folded inward, turning back into a bare-bones media startup after decades of growth.

Reich is beloved within the CollegeHumor community—WIRED spoke with more than a dozen former employees, and the praise was unanimously effusive, rare for someone who just laid a bunch of people off. But he is the steward of an uncertain future, in a marketplace that rewards a handful of gigantic digital platforms while pinching the rest, and he can only pay a skeleton staff to revive a company whittled into a decimated relic of itself.

The laid-off employees are entering a job market that has been brutal to online comedy. But CollegeHumor is joining a swath of medium-sized outlets focusing on shorter-form comedy and general-audience satire that have also been gutted. It applies to all online media.

“Jake and Amir”: The end of an era

Travelling or based outside United States? Video availability outside of United States varies. Sign in to see videos available to you. Close Menu. Jake and Amir: Vol.

One of the most popular CollegeHumor shows was “Jake and Amir,” a and several dating apps and websites, such as Tinder, OkCupid, and.

Make Concrete Playground yours with My Playground. Save and share your favourite picks and make plans to go out with friends. Registration is fast and free. You’ve probably heard of CollegeHumor , and we don’t just mean the bad jokes everyone seems to make when they set foot on a university campus. We’re talking about the website founded by two high school friends back in Today, it’s home to some of the internet’s funniest and most offbeat content — and the source of much time wasted by those who love to laugh.

Fellow funny man Streeter Seidell cut his comedy teeth in the site’s sketch team, came to fame through his Prank Wars videos, and now he’s writing for Saturday Night Live. The trio is travelling down under for the very first time, sharing the CollegeHumor love and telling their stories. Login with Facebook. Don’t have a profile? I agree to the terms and conditions.

“Lonely and Horny” and Little Comedy

What started out as a side project has become a pillar of CollegeHumor , an online entertainment company and a pioneering web series. Looking back, that first episode is hilariously not funny. In the nearly episodes that followed, however, the comedy duo has brought genuine laughter and unique insight on much less important subjects. The CollegeHumor stalwarts announced in late January that the final eight episodes would go up during one a week, starting Feb.

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Thanks to the diversity of platforms on which they appear, dramas, which formerly topped out at around a network-mandated forty-eight minutes or so per episode, are now often an hour-plus; comedies, once twenty-two minutes, now frequently run to a full half hour, and sometimes as long as forty minutes. Sketch sitcoms may differ from one another slightly in style, but they are all basically long-form versions of sketch comedy, a genre that works best when it works fast. The best jokes often fly by as one-off lines or gags that seem to have been wedged into whatever spare cracks were letting the light through.

Picture Kramer or Jack Donaghy being powered-down when the lights are off. Sketch sitcoms get their energy from the pressures of constraint. Twenty-two minutes may be, at this point, a mostly random number, but, as a fixed time limit that lingers in the back of our minds as we watch, it is a necessary ticking clock against which the jokes must race and the characters rage.

If short sketch sitcoms are good, are shorter ones even better? Instead, it is Ruby who is the delusional true believer. Most of the episodes feature Ruby on a date with a woman who is too good for him and knows it, and which ends in well-deserved rejection and humiliation. Those dates are intercut with scenes of Ruby in class, recasting his failures as outrages perpetuated upon him by an unjust romantic universe. In the first episode, a blind date at a bar quickly turns bad after Ruby insults the handsome bar manager, repeatedly calling him a waitress, while bragging about his own six-figure salary.

Jake and Amir’s Decade of Perfect Timing

That deadline, however, has been pushed, pushed, and pushed again. Ira and Mo are both talented, and always so close to a deal or gig that will open a clear path to legitimacy, money, and success, but the deadline is upon them. And this time they vowed — no more extensions. Now they face the most terrifying prospect of all: coming up with a Plan C.

Enter comedians and my new forced friends Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld. You may know them from their long-running CollegeHumor.

Add it all up, and Jake and Amir’s videos have around one billion views. That’s a big number—a scary one. The amount of time people have spent watching two best friends fuck around in their office is, combined, longer than human civilisation has even existed. Because they are very, very funny people. The Jake and Amir story is interesting because it’s also the story of internet humour itself—their success runs parallel to the rise of outsider comedy online.

They grew up with the web, but always stayed one step ahead of internet trends: CollegeHumor poster boys in the site’s infancy, Youtube class clowns before it became the behemoth it is today, then podcasters before every man and his dog were peddling Squarespace discounts. The duo painted a picture of what comedic success could look like without TV, laying out a path that we’re going to see a whole bunch of their teenage fans follow in the years to come.

So, before thousands of comedy clones emerge, we’re retracing the surprisingly influential footsteps of the internet’s original best friends that could. In , this is what Google looked like. This is what then one-year-old Myspace looked like. VICE wasn’t online. When young people wanted to read something funny, a lot of them would go to CollegeHumor , where, in June , the front page pushed a story called Dear Yahoo, I’m changing my homepage to Google.

Working on the internet at that time was still fairly radical, and it’s what both Jake and Amir did—it’s how they met.

Jake & Amir: Dating Apps